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Sleep constitutes one third of our life and its quality is reflected in our health and well-being. Therefore, it is extremely important on what we sleep and a good mattress can significantly improve the comfort of our life. For several years ANA MED has been gathering information and researching healthy sleep and prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. Apparently, these two unrelated issues are in fact an integral whole and in combination give a recipe for a healthy and comfortable rest in the supine position.

Prolonged lying down on an improper mattress in the supine position may result in uncomfortable feeling of discomfort and eventually pain in the areas exposed to pressure. Over time, however, when the pressure on the soft tissue between the mattress surface and the skeletal system is not reduced, it leads to ischemia, which prevents the supply of the necessary oxygen and nutrients. The effect of such continued state is cell death and ultimately the emergence of pressure ulcers (bedsores). It is so important to reduce the pressure on the soft tissues as much as possible regardless of whether it is long term or short term. ANA MED research team has created products which reduce the pressure on the soft tissues while maintaining the feeling of comfort for the patient. The knowledge of the prevention and treatment of bedsores and healthy sleep has provided a strong foundation in the creation of high-quality, dual-function foam mattresses: bedsore prevention and therapeutic high-comfort sleep All ANA MED mattresses and overlays are dedicated to be used in the prevention and treatment of bedsores. Moreover, most of them can function as regular mattresses for everyday sleep ensuring high level of sleep comfort.
ANA MED offers the highest quality bedsore prevention mattresses for the prophylaxis. Our main goal is to provide information to patients and medical staff on how to choose the right type of mattress. Proper mattress selection is crucial for prevention and treatment of bedsores

High-elastic foam: possesses high resilience compared to standard foams. Viscoelastic foam: has memory and is widely used in the production of comfortable mattresses and pillows. It is also called thermoplastic foam, lazy foam or memory foam. Latex foam: manufactured using a unique technology which provides good ventilation of the skin and protecting it from moisture accumulation. Recycled foam: is subjected to a re-foaming process in order to impart a very high hardness and low elasticity.  ANA MED products are manufactured to consistently high standards and we will be pleased to quote for any special product requirement

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